Electric Motors – ABB

ABB engines are created in the most modern world technology that allows you to achieve the best results in terms of energy saving, even in the most demanding conditions. The new quality allows you to increase the efficiency of engines and reduce energy consumption, thanks to which you will save replacing old engines with new ones. The construction of ABB products is based on many years of experience and extensive knowledge, it ensures reliability and minimizes the cost of use even in the most demanding working conditions.

General performance motors

  • Simple and reliable design
  • A wide spectrum of modifications taking into account industry standards

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Process performance motors

  • Demanding application and working conditions
  • Reliability, efficiency and parameter monitoring

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Energy efficiency: ABB Motors

Thanks to replacing the old engine with an energy-saving one, you not only save money but also protect the environment.

All ABB engines meet international IEC standards and, where required, minimum energy efficiency standards (MEPS)

See how much you can save by replacing an old power-hungry engine with a new energy-saving one.

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